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Marriage Certificates

The following marriage certificates were filed in Carlton County in May 2011:

May 6 - Dustin Kenneth Follett and Alyssa Marie Morton

May 14 - Paul James Leno and Jesse Lynn Knickerbocker

May 14 - Richard James O'Connor Jr. and Elizabeth Ruth Werner

May 21 - Edwin Nocon Buan and Suzanne Louise Swanson

May 21 - Garrett Crowell Davis and Emily Kathleen Anich

May 27 - Albert Gordon Parrish Jr. and Kimberly Ann Groh

May 28 - Richard Rodney Carr and Susan Marie Johnson

May 28 - Dean Michael Crotteau and Alison Marie Stowell

May 28 - Gary James Davis and Casey Lynn Caspersen

May 28 - Kevin Lynn Ruhnke Jr and Kati Ann Bryant-Nord