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Marriage Certificates

The following marriage certificates were filed in Carlton County in April 2011:

April 1 - Robert Anthony Swan Jr. and Judy Anne Amborn

April 1 - Shawn Phillip Synkiew and Jessica Marie Harms

April 2 - Bruce Michael Stevens and Heather Marie Smith

April 9 - Chase Robert Purcell and Amber Lynn Tacheny

April 9 - Justin Dean Stangeland and Amanda Lynn Evans

April 15 - Richard Mitchell Frikart and Kathy Jane Guitare

April 16 - Stephen Mark Schlenvogt and Charlene Marie Neumann

April 16 - Travis Michael Kneisel and Katie Ann Langhorst

April 22 - Derrick Kyle Kovach and Alycia Ann Dahl

April 26 - Cody Ryan Brigan and Ashley Elizabeth Milberger