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Sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

The holiday spirit works in many different ways, and for one local benefactor, it comes in the form of happy hearts and smiling faces on area school children.

Every year, the same man - who wishes to remain anonymous - foots the bill to provide a movie treat for all of the developmentally cognitively disabled (DCD) students in Washington and Churchill elementary schools plus Cloquet Middle School and High School, as well as all of the Cloquet first-graders. In all, 271 students were the lucky recipients last Wednesday of a trip to Premiere Theatres in Cloquet to view "The Muppets," "Arthur," and "Happy Feet."

Theater owner Rick Stowell provided popcorn and pop for each of the children as well as their chaperones.

"It was so much fun," said Churchill teacher Deb Roach. "I have 6-year-old twins in my class who were just rocking to the music, and they kept looking down the row to make sure everyone else was rockin' it out, too!"

This year marked the 15th year that the local man has covered the cost of the children's theater visit, and he plans to continue with it.

"It's just the thing that he loves to do," said Roach.