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Free carbon monoxide detectors offered to flood survivors

The "Flood Homes With Hope" program is offering free carbon monoxide detectors to residents whose homes suffered damage in last summer's flash floods because so many residents continue to have trouble with furnaces and boilers.

"We want people to be safe, and having a working carbon monoxide detector is one important step," said Dean Minardi, the regional supervisor for the team of Lutheran Social Services disaster case managers.

The disaster case managers have worked with a number of residents whose furnaces appeared to work after the flood, but later discovered that they failed during the intense cold. In several cases, residents have been forced out of their homes by small fires or carbon monoxide.

Disaster case managers have helped dozens of residents across the region replace furnaces, boilers and hot water heaters damaged in last summer's floods. Many residents have tried to survive the winter with equipment that was damaged by the flooding. The recent extreme cold caused some of that damaged equipment to completely fail.

For more information or to obtain a carbon monoxide detector, contact "Flood Homes With Hope" at 218-499-9480.