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Wright-Cromwell News

Welcome to any new readers of this column. I have been writing this column since 1982 and it has been a joy to do it and it also helps to keep my mind active. Without this weekly news column, it would be hard for folks to know what’s going on in our area.   

There’s not much news this week as it’s the “dog days of summer.” Once the county fair is over (held in Barnum from Aug. 14-17) most folks look forward to school starting, getting back on a regular schedule and the various sports seasons. School will start on Tuesday, Sept. 2. Be sure to stop in the school office and register any new students, as the school needs to get an accurate count on class sizes. If you know of any new area families, please let them know to do this soon.

Last week I put in a little article about my parents 75th wedding anniversary and was happy to get a couple of responses to it.  Here is one from Willis Mann who used to live in the area as a child and youth back in the 1940s and 50s. He writes: “Jennie, that was an interesting piece on your parents, and I remember them very well. Your dad was the driver of the school bus on our route, and was active in other things. I also remember Einar and Dorothy Dahlman well too, as well as your grandmother, Minnie Dahlman, and that little house she lived in next to Einar’s. Incidentally, if my folks were alive, Kenneth and Marion Mann, Dad would be 111 now, and Mom would be 103. They were married in West Union, Minn., on Oct. 3, 1931. I was doing some genealogical research not long ago and discovered that Dad’s great-grandfather came from Vermont and was born in 1791. When you stop to think about it, Washington was president then. Makes you realize the generations are not all that far removed from each other.”

Congratulations to Megan Hedin, daughter of Michelle and David Hedin, who married Bill Bellingham at Greysolon Ballroom in Duluth on July 26, 2014.  

Robyn Larson and Gerry Aho asked me to put the following paragraph in the news. “I would just like to say thank you to everyone who donated food for the Wrong Days in Wright Smorgasbord. You have all been so generous over these past few years that I have been in charge of it. And a special thank you to Shirley Pearson and Aurelia Hemmila for helping me. And I would also like to thank all the businesses in Moose Lake, Kettle River, Mahtowa, McGregor, Cromwell and Wright for all the wonderful donations for our door prize drawings. Also, thank you to the vendors/crafters who came.  This was my and my sister, Gerry Aho’s, last year of being involved with Wrong Days. Thanks again!”

I would like to thank Robyn and Gerry on behalf of the community for all their work, too. There are so many area folks who do so much for Wrong Days who are the unsung heroes of this yearly event. They work behind the scenes and do so much for this yearly event. Now, we need to work hard to make our 50th Wrong Days a really special next year.

That’s all the news from Lake Gotothefair and hello to all our folks who keep volunteering in the area.