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NOVEMBER 18, 2013

The Wrenshall Board of Education, Independent School District No. 100, Wrenshall, Minnesota held their regular Board meeting on Monday, November 18, 2013, at 6:00 p.m.

Vice-Chairperson Matthew Laveau called the meeting to order at 6:06 p.m.

Members present: Matthew Laveau, Janaki Fisher-Merritt, Renae House, Michelle Blanchard, Tony Sheda and Superintendent Kimberly Belcastro. Absent Troy Powers.

Additions or corrections to the Agenda: Remove Item 14. Add Item 7a.

MOTION by Fisher-Merritt second by House to approve the agenda with changes. Motion carried unanimously.

MOTION by Fisher-Merritt second by Laveau to approve the Consent Agenda items as follows: Motion carried unanimously.

Approve minutes of previous meetings.

Approve Expense Summary.

Approve Deposit Summary.

Approve Electronic Funds Transfer Report.

Approve current cash flow report.

Approve Multi Year Expense/Revenue Summary.

Superintendent Belcastro recognized the following:

Trish Swanson and Josie Hlava for all of their work in the Main Office and for the attention they have given new employees.

Erin Riley for the exceptional job she does with Images every month putting out a top quality local newspaper.

MOTION by Fisher-Merritt second by House to approve the Resolution to Contract with a Board Member paying Laveau Electric for services done. Motion carried unanimously. Member Laveau abstaining.

Business Manager's Report:

Business Office is working toward going paperless in payroll. Encouraging all employees to use Employee Self-Serve to access pay history, W-2s and time off records.

Policy updates are needed in Finance and Purchasing.

Community Education Director's Report:

Swimming lessons will start January 18, 2014 lasting 9 weeks.

Wrenshall has longer sessions and the lowest priced swim lessons in the area.

Father/Daughter Ball will be April 26th. A dress swap will take place in the spring.

Superintendent's Report:

The school has had a few cases of head lice; staff is working with families to assist in this problem.

Head Custodian, Superintendent and Head Cook will be attending auction to take a look at items we may need such as stainless steel kitchen equipment.

Basketball practice for boys and girls have started.

Conferences are Tuesday and Thursday. Teacher In-Service on Friday, goal setting and NWEA MAP testing updates are on the agenda.

Cathy Erickson, School Finance Specialist from ARCC was present to speak to the board and public about the levy.

MOTION by House second by Blanchard to hire Kathryn Plewa as .5 long term substitute Special Education Teacher for the 2013-2014 school year per Education MN- Wrenshall contract. Motion carried unanimously.

Discussion on enrollment. Numbers are up for early childhood programs. Current K-12 enrollment is 328.

Discussion on the Indoor Environmental Quality Survey that was given to all staff members. Getting the building temperature regulated is the biggest concern.

MOTION by Laveau second by House to increase Ginger Johnson, Assistant Cook hours from 28.5 to 32.5 hours per week. Motion carried unanimously.

MOTION by House second by Fisher-Merritt to adjourn at 7:10 p.m. Motion carried unanimously.