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Police still seek leads in Cloquet and Scanlon assisted-living home thefts

Cloquet police are following leads in identifying a woman who entered multiple apartments in at least two local assisted living facilities on the evening of Sunday, Nov. 29, taking prescription medications and cash.

According to Cloquet Police Detective Darrin Berg, a woman described as short and heavy-set was later spotted on the video surveillance system at Evergreen Assisted Living, 1309 14th Street in Cloquet, going from door to door of the facility's third-floor residences and testing door knobs to see if they were unlocked.

"She entered our building around 5:15 p.m. on the east side entrance, went up the side steps and entered on the third floor," reported Evergreen Executive Director Terri Langevin after reviewing the security tapes. "While residents were in the dining room, she entered unlocked resident apartments."

One resident later reported that a bottle of Tylenol 3 with codeine was missing from her apartment, according to Berg, and another reported cash was taken out of a wallet.

Police were able to obtain clear pictures of the suspect and her actions from Evergreen's extensive security camera system.

A similar report was also received from Suncrest Senior Living Community, 2400 Washington Avenue in Scanlon, regarding suspicious activity later that evening.

According to Berg, several Suncrest residents reported a woman coming to the doors of their apartments. Since all of them were home at the time, the woman reportedly used excuses, saying she was looking for someone else.

Upon later reviewing the security tapes from the Evergreen incident, several Suncrest residents and staff members positively identified the intruder at their facility as being the same woman as on the tapes.

Police continue to encourage anyone who has information regarding the identity of the woman to call 218-879-1247.