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Motocross stunts wow crowds at Brickyard Days

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The sun gleamed down on the open field this weekend as locals gathered to celebrate Wrenshall’s Brickyard Days.

The smell of grilled hamburgers wafted through the air, accompanied by all of the sounds that come with such a large crowd of people: children laughing and running through towering legs to find the next attraction, adults talking with friends and family, drink in one hand, paper plate in the other, and announcements buzzing overhead like the files circling the garbage cans.

It’s these type of events that epitomize summer in Northern Minnesota.

Blow-up fun houses, a bungee trampoline, and small shopping kiosks lined the field on either side, forming a “main street” of sorts where everyone walked and mingled. However, the day’s main sources of entertainment came from above.

Early in the afternoon, people gathered along a rope fence, watching as the support team set a massive black ramp into place. Two engines whined to life, and the crowd burst into cheering as two dirtbikes sprayed past the audience. And so the Freestyle Motocross Stunt Show began. After a few test jumps, the tricks began.

Cheering erupted again and again as the two performed tailwhips, supermans, can-cans, and even backflips. The riders turned into neon streaks blurring across the sky, performing dozens of jumps over the next half hour. When the show finally came to an end, the engines died down, but the cheering continued for some time after.