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Cloquet police chief placed on leave

Marriage Certificates

The following marriage certificates were filed in Carlton County in June 2011:

June 4 - Zachary Ryan Bissell and Shannon Margaret Jennissen

June 4 - Daniel John Fairchild and Ashley Kristen Peterson

June 4 - Tyler Philip Miller and Samantha Rene Roth

June 10 - Steven Paul Kohn and Ashley Marie Goeres

June 11 - Timothy William Turma Kallinen and Melissa Ann


June 23 - Bahar Tribby Hosseini and Emily Elizabeth Ermini

June 24 - Lijah Joel Jeppesen and Renee Lea Hain

June 25 - Joshua Ryan Overn and Heather Lea Sanvig

June 25 - Seth Adam Koivisto and Mariah Rose Pepera

June 26 - Chad Evan Tario Korby and Nicole Marie Card