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Letter: A premature Thanksgiving

To the Editor:

I feel compelled to share an inspiring event that occurred two days prior to Thanksgiving.

On our weekly grocery trip to Super One, we checked out and parked the car next to the exit. Then, I accompanied my elderly mother, who is seeing-impaired, to the nearest bench to wait while I retrieved a food order from McDonald's.

Returning in 10 minutes, we headed home. Upon arriving home, I glanced in the back seat... to my shock and dismay, no groceries!

I raced back to the store in a record five minutes, thanks to traffic lights working in my favor.

Much to my relief, there was the cart full of groceries, right where I absent-mindedly left it!

In the 30 minutes that lapsed, a dishonest shopper could have easily and unsuspectedly rolled it past the "bell ringers" and out the door.

I've always believed that most people are honest. This anxious incident has certainly served to reaffirm my faith in the human race!

This festive Thanksgiving, I'm taking a few moments to ponder my good fortune by counting my blessings.

W.G. Fleisch, Cloquet