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Letter: Cloquet School Board's decision was wrong

To the Editor:

I was furious when I heard that the levy was approved by "School board members only." What happened to freedom to vote, and freedom of speech? Who gives you the right to play "God" and make our (the taxpayers) decisions?

I have voted down every referendum because I don't agree.

Who really suffers? The elderly who are on a fixed income, those who have no children in the district, or those with little or no income and can't afford their mortgage, nonetheless higher taxes.

Minnesota should be called "State of 10,000 taxes" instead of 10,000 lakes!

It's ridiculous what parents have to spend on supplies for their children and everyone else's.


Kids today can't count change back, among other things. Keep the math, cursive handwriting, and eliminate electronics. Too dependent on these. Use their brain instead.

Fed up!

Cindy Kilman, Cloquet