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Jumpers fly high at City Ski Meet

Aidan Ripp flies off the 40-meter jump during Sunday's City Ski meet. Photo contributed by Stu Waters1 / 8
Several of the 40-meter jumpers stand with Cloquet's Dave Sobczak. Photo contributed by Carolyn Ripp2 / 8
A row of people line the 40-meter hill, ready to judge distance and style for the next jumper.3 / 8
Cloquet Ski Club coaches Ken Ripp (left) and Pat Marciniak present awards after the City Ski Meet Sunday. 4 / 8
CEC senior skier Hannah Bourdage gets off to a good start for her race Sunday. Photo contributed by Dan Malkovich5 / 8
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With a one-week delay, temperatures for the Cloquet City Ski Meet went from a predicted high of zero degrees to closer to 40 degrees. In fact, it felt so balmy that some high-school-aged skiers raced wearing only shorts and tank-top-style race bibs.

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“I think everyone was happy not to be standing around in a minus-10-degree wind chill,” said Cloquet Kids Ski co-coach Pat Marciniak about the rescheduled meet. “And if we’d waited any longer, it would have been too late because the warm weather is melting the track on our ski jumps.”

Co-coach Ken Ripp said the turnout for Sunday’s meet — an annual event which features both a ski jumping competition and ski races for all ages — was the biggest turnout in recent memory. Jumpers traveled to Cloquet from as far away as the Chicago-area Norge Ski Club, as well as Coleraine, Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Nine jumpers tackled Cloquet’s intimidating 40-meter jump, which rises above the trees of Pine Valley, offering a spectacular view of the area for jumpers waiting at the top. Two master jumpers — one aged 42, the other age 53 — joined the younger jumpers on the 40-meter.

“The word was out that our 40-meter was in really good shape,” Ripp said. “And it didn’t hurt that two of our jumpers [seventh graders Woody Waugh and Ripp’s son Aidan, who placed first on the 40-meter] have been running around the Midwest letting people know we’re open for business.”

A total of 10 kids (seven boys and three girls) competed on the 20-meter jump and 13 (10 boys and three girls) competed on the 10-meter jump. The youngest jumpers competed on a 5-meter jump built of snow just for the occasion.

Ripp said there were more than 40 entrants in the various cross country ski races.

Find ski jumping results at or by clicking the attached document:

Results for the Nordic Ski Races follow. There were 41 total participants across all age groups in the XC races.


Youth 300M XC Race:

 1. Maxim Glyvka
2. Preston LaTour3. Blake ProsenYouth 2.5K Skate Race:


1. Woody Waugh

2. David Ruhl

3. Cale Prosen

4. Eli Rud


1. Charlotte Ripp

2. Iyana Flett

3. Halle Zuck

4. Lily Rud

Youth 2K Classic Race:


1. Josh Sanders

2. Emmet Prosen

3. Issac Rud


1. Madysen Waters

2. Laura Hecht

3. Clara Thompson

5.5K Freestyle Age 17 and Under


1. Nick Tomhave

2. Jack Waugh

3. Aidan Ripp


1. Miranda Overland

2. Kaylee Parks

3. Sylvie Deters

5.5K Freestyle Adult Division (Age 18 and over)


1. Bruce Derauf

2. Dean Grace

3. Tim Heren


1. Judy Derauf

2. Hannah Erickson

3. Melissa Zuck

11 K Freestyle Race


1. Greg Williams

2. Hans Anderson

3. Mac Brink


1. Erika Fox

2. Lydia Anikin

3. Courtney Gregory

11K Classic Race

1. Bruce Schoenberg