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Interns gain experience at CMH

Emily Prazak, Amber Bloom, Jamie Gunnarson and Brock Wilton are interning at Community Memorial Hospital in Cloquet this summer. Contributed Photo 1 / 2
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Several interns are gaining experience at Community Memorial Hospital (CMH) in Cloquet this summer as they complete requirements for their respective degrees and careers.

Brock Wilton, a native of Brookston, graduated from the University of Minnesota-Duluth (UMD) with a degree in exercise science and is interning in the Cardiac Rehab Department at CMH. He originally wanted to go into physical therapy because he comes from a family of construction workers and saw injuries and the need for rehabilitation.

“Later, I decided that if you want to help someone with muscle problems, the heart is the best place to start because if that isn’t working, nothing else will be,” he said. He said his experience at CMH has been a joy and he has “learned a ton.”

Jamie Gunnarson is a native of Hermantown and a student in the UMD School of Pharmacy. She is completing an internship in the CMH Pharmacy Department. She says the smaller size of the hospital has allowed her to experience a lot of diversity.

Amber Bloom of Carlton is also a student in the UMD School of Pharmacy and a pharmacy intern. She, too, reflects that working in a pharmacy at a smaller facility provides broad experience and provides interactions you probably wouldn’t get at a larger hospital.

Emily Prazak is a student in the UMD School of Medicine and her internship involves rotating among the various departments at CMH and Sunnyside Health Care Center.

“So far it has been a great experience and every day has been something new,” said the Grantsburg, Wis., native.

The internships at CMH help prepare students for their chosen careers and give them the additional education and training that can’t be obtained in the classroom.