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Highway 33 construction requires extra-thoughtful driving

Businesses and apartment complexes located near the intersection of Highway 33 and Big Lake Road/Doddridge Avenue ask that drivers please leave a space for oncoming traffic to turn into businesses when traffic is backed up at the intersection.

It’s an issue particularly for the Little Store and Walgreens at the corner of Doddridge and Highway 33, because the entrances are close to the intersection.

Drivers are not encouraged to stop traffic to allow cars to enter the roadway from the businesses, however, because that would impact traffic flow.

Jim Sorenson, Minnesota Department of Transportation Highway 33 Project supervisor, said major work this week will include the following:

1. Preparation of the Highway 33 roadbed for concrete paving.

2. Utility construction on Big Lake Road and Doddridge Avenue.

3. Placement of concrete pavement on the north side of Doddridge Avenue and Big Lake Road, and bituminous pavement on Big Lake Road.

4. Start of construction on the block retaining wall at Perkins.

5. Construction of turn lanes on northbound Highway 33.

6. Placement of concrete pavement on Highway 33 is expected to begin on Tuesday, July 22.

In other related construction news:

  •  Exit 237 from northbound Interstate 35 to northbound Highway 33 will be open to traffic and southbound Highway 33 to southbound Interstate 35 will be open.
  •   Business access signs are being installed at Gillette Road and Doddridge Avenue.
  •   Business access signs have also been placed to direct traffic to the Silver Rose dress shop and to the Tap on 33 as they lost their entrance from Highway 33. The business traffic can still exit to northbound Highway 33.  
  •   Pavement construction on Big Lake Road and on Doddridge Avenue will be mostly completed by Saturday, July 19.
  •   A seven-day closure of the Gillette entrance to Wal-Mart and other east side businesses will occur next week to allow for concrete pavement through the intersection, Sorenson said. The contractor will complete the concrete pavement and will reopen the intersection at the end of seven days. Business access signs will be installed to direct traffic to the Doddridge intersection. Frontage roads will be open and used as access routes. Notification signs will be placed prior to closure and all businesses will be notified.

Sorenson reiterated his request for local residents to get to businesses utilizing different roads.

“If at all possible please use alternate routes to access your favorite business during the construction, this will help to minimize traffic delays,” he said.