Weather Forecast


Friday's weather for Duluth and the Northland: Approaching system brings rain

Happy Friday! Highs will be near 53 today, and lower than that by the lake, with an east-northeast wind at 5-15 mph.

A low-pressure system will develop over Colorado today; this low will creep eastward, joining with a trough in the jet stream to enhance its strength. This low will hang out with us for a week. Expect rain every day until Thursday as this slow low moves east through our region. We have a 60 percent chance of rain into the afternoon. Most precipitation will be south of the Range.

On Saturday, overnight lows will be around 42, with highs near 60, continued cloudy skies and a 70 percent chance of showers and storms.

Sunday will be a little warmer, with overnight lows near 50 and highs up to 65 with another 70 percent chance of showers and storms.

On Monday, overnight lows will be down to 52, with highs near 64, cloudy skies and another 70 percent chance of rain and storms.

It looks wet on Tuesday as well. Once it's all said and done we have the potential of seeing 2-5 inches of rain, which could lead to flooding.

Today: Cloudy, 60% Showers H: 53 L: 42

Saturday: Cloudy, 70% Rain/Thunder H: 60 L: 50

Sunday: Cloudy, 70% Rain/Thunder H: 65 L: 52

Monday: Cloudy, 70% Rain/Thunder H: 64 L: 49

Tuesday: Cloudy, 70% Rain/Thunder H: 63 L: 47