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Food Farm to celebrate 20 years

The community is invited to celebrate Food Farm's 20th anniversary on Aug. 24 in Wrenshall. Farm tours will begin at 3 p.m., along with activities for kids. Flowers will be available for cutting, and there will be a tractor pull competition and talent show until 6 p.m.

The celebration will then move to the "Free Range Film Barn" for a look back at the history of the farm and a movie appropriate for all ages. Guests are invited to bring their own picnic or a food truck will be on site if people are interested in purchasing food.

The Food Farm is 200 acres with 10 acres of vegetables and 10 acres of cover crops annually. John and Jane Fisher-Merritt started their vegetable farming career in northern Minnesota in 1975. After struggling with early frosts and swarms of biting bugs for 13 years they moved to their present farm in 1988. When John and Jane launched their organic Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) operation 20 years ago, few residents of their northern area had ever heard of such a thing.

Their middle son, Janaki, and his wife, Annie Dugan, bought the farm from his parents in 2010. Their valued farming partner, David Hanlon, has been an integral part of the farm for the past 20 years.These five farmers act as a team, bouncing ideas off of each other, making this a farm where everyone shares in the management and success.

Food Farm sees itself as a farm incubator, helping others through on-farm internships, offering use of land as payment for intern's labor and sharing names from their customer waiting list to new farmers for their own CSA operations. As a testament to their mentoring prowess, many of their interns have started their own successful farms.