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Fond du Lac advocate earns Outstanding Ally Award

Marcia Kitto, Fond du Lac’s sexual assault advocate, was honored at the Program for Aid to Victims of Sexual Assault (PAVSA) Art Auction on Nov. 14 as a recipient of PAVSA’s Annual Outstanding Ally Award for 2013. 

Kitto’s active participation in PAVSA’s programs for so many years, as a team member, as a trainer for advocates, and through her leadership as a sexual assault advocate who is always compassionate and responsive to victims is why PAVSA honored her with this yearly award. Throughout her career and life she has demonstrated a strong commitment to the issue of violence against women. Kitto has been willing to take on an active, and sometimes demanding, role as an advocate for victims and an educator for our community.

Over the years she has demonstrated a commitment to issues that threaten the welfare of women and children, a commitment that shows in every aspect of her life. Kitto played a critical role in the Trafficking Task Force, ensuring that the community heard the voice of an advocate who knows the difficult issues facing Native women who suffer sexual violence and exploitation. She has been willing to take part in PAVSA’s volunteer advocate training when requested and has always taken time to consult with PAVSA’s staff and advocates.

“We all (the PAVSA staff and board), appreciate you for your professional accomplishments and for your team contributions but most of all for your wisdom, graciousness, and compassion. We truly want to honor you for the work that you have done and recognize you as a woman who has much more to offer in years to come,” Candice Harshner, the executive director of PAVSA, wrote in the award letter.

For further information about Fond du Lac Advocacy Programs, women’s groups, or trafficking of our Native women and girls, Kitto can be reached at 218-878-3782.