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Education Corner: Cloquet School District shows great AYP results again

Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) is a designation the federal government has the states assign to schools each year. It is up to the states to determine a lot of what goes into AYP measurements, and Minnesota has determined that we should have high AYP standards. AYP is only achievable if a school district achieves standards in four areas including test participation, academic proficiency, attendance, and graduation rate.

Once again, the Cloquet School District has made those AYP goals. As I mentioned in last week's column, our students' successes are a result of our students' ability and motivation along with an entire community of support. That support ranges from our excellent and dedicated staff to very caring moms and dads, extended families, businesses, taxpayers, and people who just plain care about our kids.

One area of growth I want to highlight, though I am super proud of all our AYP successes, is a special citation that our Cloquet Area Alternative Education Program (CAAEP) increased its graduation rate by four percentage points. One of my highlights every year is to attend the CAAEP graduation in the Garfield gym. I get to see students who have worked hard to achieve their goals, and I get to hear about new goals that they have set beyond high school.

Thank you Cloquet school staff, Cloquet citizens, and Cloquet students for making us so proud and showing that you and our schools can make such a positive difference.

Ken Scarbrough is the superintendent of Cloquet Public Schools.