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To the editor...Residents should speak out about merger

To the Editor:

In the Nov. 21, 201, Pine Journal the Cloquet City Council news Mayor Bruce Ahlgren talked about merger with Scanlon. It stated that the former Mayor Putnam wouldn't talk merger and I am sure the new Mayor Bryant doesn't want to. These people are elected or appointed to represent the residents of Scanlon. At many meetings people have talked about merging with Cloquet but the council doesn't want to lose their job.

I think the residents of Scanlon need to contact the council and ask to consider merging. Our water bills would be cut in half, our real estate taxes would probably stay the same. If we merge we would be saving over $60,000 in same kind of expenses that are paid by Cloquet, auditor, engineer, lawyer, etc., and the savings could be used to fix our failing sewer lines. Some people like that our streets were getting plowed early, not this Thanksgiving; our crew went out sanding but didn't plow as they went by. ??? Makes sense?

I think Cloquet and Scanlon need to get together with informational meetings for the residents on a merger and put it up for a vote. One item we can ask for is that our streets will still be plowed early and a maintenance truck be kept in Scanlon.

Look at your driver's license and mail, how many have Scanlon as their mailing address?

The council meetings are the second Wednesday of the month at 5:30 and usually last about an hour. I hope many will start to come to these meetings.

Mary Johnson, Scanlon