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Community flood effort creates stronger bonds

Bonds are strengthened, even formed, as people unite in a common purpose.

Lori Koski and Sue Jordan of Barnum share a special bond - one that has been made stronger from enduring hardships and overcoming challenges together. Last year, when the summer flood of 2012 devastated their community, that bond was put to the test to provide aid to their community.

In 12 days, Koski and Jordan served up to 46,000 meals at their local church, Barnum Community United Methodist Church, to victims of the flood as well as relief volunteers. Now that a year has passed, Jordan and Koski's job is still not over.

"We still serve community meals at Barnum Methodist Church every Wednesday night," Jordan explained.

Though the flood took a heavy toll on the community, the women look back on their experience with gratitude.

"It was a busy time for the two of us," Koski said. "It taught us how to be grateful. Plus, I was able to meet new people from the community whom I never met before, and I lived here for awhile."

"It was very rewarding," Jordan stated. "We didn't have time to think about what was going on, but looking back this experience was good, it helped to bring our community closer."

As their duties were tested, the duo managed to stick together and see that their jobs were finished until the end.

"It was overwhelming," Koski remembered, "but I had Sue with me. She cooked the best well-balanced meals, and were well received. She has this wonderful ability, and she went to town on it."

"This experience strengthened our friendship," Jordan explained. "It was the two of us coordinating the effort. We didn't have help, we just supported each other. Lori shows up in the morning and stays with me 'til the end of our shift. She's a wonderful lady."

Koski and Jordan are proud to have served relief and hope for their community, and plan to visit the families who came to their church to see how they are coping after the flood.

"It's still very emotional," Jordan said. "It will always be a profound memory for us."

"We are having Barnum volunteers go to the houses of families that came to us for help and see if there is still work to be done at their place," Koski added.

Whether serving meals to huge crowds or coordinating volunteers, it is for certain Koski and Jordan are capable of taking on whatever challenge - and will finish it together.