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Cloquet, Esko schools delayed, Duluth schools cancelled

Cloquet public schools and busses will run two hours late today, because of poor road conditions. There will be no morning kindergarten.

# All public, private, charter and parochial schools, including the Latchkey program, in Duluth and Superior have been canceled today due to snowy weather, officials said.

# Esko schools will start two hours late, and there will be no a.m. kindergarten today, according to officials.

# AlBrook and Cotton schools are delayed two hours.

# Officials for Hermantown schools also said classes are running two hours late.

# Proctor schools are closed.

# North Shore Community and Lake Superior schools are closed.

# School at Fond du Lac Ojibwe is two hours late. No transportation for HeadStart and no Duluth transportation.

# Final exams today for Duluth Business University have been postponed until Wednesday.

The Duluth News Tribune contributed to this report.