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Cloquet-born newspaper man dies

Ken Wisneski was "one of the good ones," according to Mark Berriman, publisher of the Stillwater Gazette newspaper. A 1951 Cloquet High School graduate, Wisneski died Jan. 28 after a nearly 50-year career in print journalism.

Born on May 20, 1933, the quote in the high school yearbook for Wisneski read, "One man in his time plays many parts."

Wisneski earned a degree in journalism from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. After a few years in California, he settled in the St. Paul suburb of Shoreview, where he was one of the first reporters at the weekly suburban Minnesota Sun newspapers. He also was editor and executive editor of papers in that company.

Frank Rog, who knew Wisneski through working with the city of Roseville, was quoted in the Stillwater Gazette as saying he thought Wisenski was a good reporter. "He seemed to get the story right all the time," he told the Gazette.

Wisneski also worked as a media consultant, and after working for Sun he reviewed adventure novels for the Star Tribune. His book reviews became a popular Sunday feature.

"Wisneski was a valued friend, respected critic and beloved columnist; a mentor, writer and so much more," wrote Berriman in a column last week. "At times it seemed as if there was nothing Ken couldn't do, or didn't have his hands into."

Just like his high school yearbook stated.

According to his obituary, Wisneski was preceded in death by his wife Sue and his parents. He is survived by his son Joseph (Deb) and daughter Victoria Larson; stepson Patrick Kelley (Theresa); brother Richard (Cloquet,); four grandchildren (Nicole Larson; Samantha, Abbie, and Tommy Wisneski); and great-grandson Tristan.