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Citizen is concerned about Carlton facilities

To the Editor:

I am a volunteer for over 35 years at the Carlton Nursing Home/Inter-Faith Care Center. In 2008, I received the adult Volunteer of the Year award from the Care Providers of Minnesota for my work there. I still go there twice a week to volunteer because I care.

I am writing because I feel that Inter-Faith Care Center has changed. The atmosphere doesn't feel as warm and friendly as it was -- there seems to be tension in the air. I've heard claims that the staff members are overworked and short-handed. I see too many long-time employees leaving and too many empty beds, when in the past, there was a waiting list.

It upsets me to see the nursing home declining. Inter-Faith Care Center has been an important part of the community. My questions are: Where is the administrator and Board of Directors? Why don't they respond to people's concerns? Isn't anyone else concerned?

Yvonne Davis, Barnum