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Carlton County Fair posts winners

The Carlton County Fair announces the following grand and reserve champions:


Grand Champion - Sandy Hill Farm

Sweepstakes - Sandy Hill Ranch (Salzer), Mark Land, Rydan Olesiak, Sandy Hill Ranch, Linda Langness and Jay Olesiak


Grand Champion - Irene Bjorkland

Grand Champion - Susan Ketola

Reserve Champion - Susan Ketola

Reserve Champion - Esther Waletzk

Junior Champion - Sabrina Oland

Junior Champion - Willie Lower

Reserve Junior - Corra Thompson

Reserve Junior - Jessica Waldbillig

Premier Exhibitor - Nicholas Larson

Premier Exhibitor - Gabrielle Bremer

Baking and Canning

Baking - Jacob Anderson and Denise Lambert

Canning - Alex Laurent and Jeff Nyblom


Grand Champion - Samantha Suhonen

Reserve Champion - Jennifer Suhonen


Grand Champion - Peter Laveau

Reserve Champion - Corina Newman

Junior Champion - Grace Nelson (Gurnsey)

Senior Champion - Peter Laveau

Premier Exhibitor - Ru-Ridge Holsteins

Sweepstakes - Ru-Ridge Holsteins, Peter Laveau, Duane Laveau, and Jennifer and Alan Klejeski


Premier Exhibitor - Katie Line and Betty Sundermeyer

Sweepstakes - Arlene Bartlett, Gabby Parker, Geri Cummins and Sara Platt


Grand Champion - Carol Jelinek (leased by Elizabeth Risacher)

Grand Champion - Carol Jelinek, wether

Grand Champion - Abby Anderson, dairy wether


Grand Champion - Dan Malkovich

Reserve Champion - Stacie Dahl

Junior Champion - Gabrielle Bremer

Senior Champion - Gabrielle Bremer

Premier Exhibitor - Nicholas Larson

Junior Premier Exhibitor - Gabrielle Bremer


Grand Champion - Jane Willie

Reserve Champion - Bev Gracek

Hobby Craft - Ken Hautajarvi


Grand Champion Ram - West Road Montadales

Reserve Grand Ram - Duesler Family

Grand Ewe - Duesler Family

Reserve Grand Ewe - Finifrock Flocks

Premier Exhibitor - Finifrock Flocks

Sweepstakes - Finifrock Flocks, Duesler Family, Fleece Force Flocks, West Road Montadales, Kaylan Risacher and Berti Risacher


Grand Champion - Cameo Salzer

Reserve Champion - Max Salzer

Theme of Fair

Maggie Schultrum