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Bomber Club receives grant to start Broadcast Club

Barnum Elementary School's School Age Care Program, Bomber Club, received a grant of $784 from the Northland Foundation and Minnesota Power's Youth in Philanthropies group to start a broadcast club.

"Fourth-, fifth- and sixth-grade students came up with the idea to start a broadcasting club," said Roxy Olsen, Bomber Club coordinator. "Their goal was to make the morning announcements more fun and kid friendly so the kids would listen. It also encourages children to be more active in school activities."

The goal of the students is to turn the broadcasts into a bi-monthly newsletter for the staff, students, and parents at Barnum Elementary.

"Club members will teach the kids that they have opinions and their voice is important," said Olsen. "They will share information and news with their peers, and the kids will build confidence, communication skills, and public speaking."

Olsen explained the project, "BC News" is a weekly broadcast of the morning announcements. On Tuesday and Wednesday after school, kids gather the announcements from the school secretary and write their own script regarding the announcements, weather, school activities, community events, Bomber Club news, etc. They use this time to interview or research for further information and assign job titles. Thursday evening, the kids practice their script, film, edit and post their broadcast on the school website, and email a link to the staff all via iMovie on the iPad. Friday mornings, the teachers at the elementary school play the broadcast on the SmartBoards.

Olsen said the summer plan is to continue working on their broadcast in a more relaxed setting, learning more about the iPad program, filming, editing, writing, and starting their own blog. Kids will practice interviewing other children, parents, and community members for practice, and they hope to visit a newsroom and newspaper in the near future to continue to enrich their broadcasting club adventure.