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CMH hires new Foundation director

Judith Poss has been hired as the new director of Cloquet Community Memorial Hospital Foundation.

This is a new position and Poss brings years of fundraising experience to the job, including working for Ecumen, Lutheran Social Services, Board of Social Ministry and the American Cancer Society, according to a press release from the Foundation.

"It's one of the most exciting opportunities. In this new position, I will be building infrastructure from the ground up, working with staff, the community and the CCMH Board to raise visibility and bring it to the next level," Poss said. "The people in the community are tremendously generous and I look forward to developing strong partnerships with the community and businesses."

CMH Foundation Board President Julie Rothmeier said board members are excited about Poss and the new position.

"We feel the addition of a Foundation Director will help us grow as a foundation and become more recognized in the community by educating them on the opportunities available in regard to contributing to the health of our community," Rothmeier said. "Judy is very passionate about gifting and how it can change our community. She is a wonderful person to work with and I look forward to our community getting to know her."

The Community Memorial Hospital Foundation is a volunteer organization, with a board of nine people, and previously only a part-time Foundation Director. Together, they work to promote and support the hospital and nursing home through fundraising and soliciting donations. According to the CMH website, since the Foundation was established in 1987, the non-profit organization has raised close to $900,000, which has been used to purchase important equipment for the hospital and Sunnyside Health Care Center.